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Lion Assorted Desserts Gift Box

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What was the purpose of gift giving at Chinese New Year?


 Gift are usually given to show respect, gratitute, friendship, love or hospitality. It is an actual a common courtesy of the world. The etiquette of gift-giving may be a little different from western countries. 


But now, giving gift hampers is outdated already! It may look big and spontaneous and 10 items from a hamper, how many item u really like it and eat it? 2 maybe? perhaps 1? 

This year Mr & Mrs Brownie gonna break the tradition and let’s have some fun in it!

Brownie Cookies-2.png

虎啸风生 (Tiger Meringue Cookies)
  Handmade by Mr & Mrs Brownie. Outside crispy, inside like cotton candy!! Not too sweet, just nice! It's melting in mouth!!! I love it!!!

好事发生 (花生饼 / traditional peanut cookies)
Homemade from Kedah, a taste of hometown, a taste you are looking for, using traditional recipe, rich and very fragrance of roasted peanut. it melt in your mouth immediately. Comes with a modern packaging, everyone will loves it very much!!
来自吉打州纯手工制作,浓浓的花生香味,入口溶化! 家乡的味道,传统的配方,时尚的包装,包你的姨妈姑姐一定喜欢!

年年有鱼 (Tom Yam 脆鱼皮 / Tom Yam Crispy Deep Fried Fish Skin)
are you tasting too much of sweet dessert? time for savoury snack! By using salmon fish skin and continue deep frying until crispy, next shake it with strong tom yam flour on it, oh my…. my saliva is dripping!!! This snack gonna make you unstoppable!!!
吃了甜的,就吃点咸的! 采用三文鱼皮炸的又酥又脆,再洒上Tom Yam味下去! 听到就想流口水咯! 停不下来啊!

Ong ong 来 (凤梨酥 / pineaaple tart)
In chinese, we called pineapple ONG LAI, means everything will be good and go rich! purely handmade and originally from kedah state. The pineapple fillings sweetness and sourness are well balanced, if you love aroma of butter, you must try this!
想要工作旺ONG, 那就要尝尝我们这款凤梨酥咯,吉打州手工制作,外皮带有浓厚的牛油味道,很酥! 内馅的甜与酸度刚刚好完美! 今年一定赚大钱!

Brownie (绝不可少的招牌)
Do you know that, during chinese new year not only ca eat lots of cookies and biscuits, you can have our signature brownie as well! We baked fresh, using double dark chocolate recipe, fresh eggs, imported dark chocolate, outside crips inside moist, you will never say ‘no’ to Mr & Mrs Brownie.
过年除了吃年饼,也可以吃吃蛋糕brownie!double chocolate recipe, #新鲜烘焙, 用的料都是#新鲜鸡蛋,好的#牛油, 进口的#dark #chocolate! #外脆内软!特浓的dark chocolate味!

Brownie cookies (非你莫属)
One of Mr & Mrs Brownie hot selling item which is brownie cookies or brookies! We baked fresh, using double dark chocolate recipe, fresh eggs, imported dark chocolate, super duper crispy and rich in chocolate! Warning!! Its addictive!!!
double chocolate recipe, 新鲜烘焙,用的料都是#新鲜鸡蛋,进口的dark chocolate!脆脆脆!特浓的#dark #chocolate味!吃了一块就跟着一块,会#上隐喔!

黑巧克力曲奇饼 (巧上加巧 / chocolate chips butter cookies)
if you are looking for pure and premium butter cookies, this is it. Handmade and using dark chocolate chips. The aroma is so strong once the bottle is opened!
如果你是寻找纯牛油的cookies, 一定要尝尝手工制作,采用黑巧克力的噢! 一打开瓶子,立刻闻到牛油香!

You will get

6x packClassic Brownie22g each
1x bottleBrownie Cookies180g
6x Tiger Meringue cookies5g each
1x jarChocolate Chips Cookies170g
6x packPeanut Cookies20g each
1x jarCrispy Fish Skin95g
6x packspineapple tart13g each

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